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How to Create an Apex Legends Tournament with Private Lobbies

January 26, 2023
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Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale hero-shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts first released in 2019. Apex Legends is a spinoff of Respawn’s Titanfall and Titanfall 2, taking place eighteen years after the universe’s Frontier War.

Players always begin by selecting a character, known in the game as “Legends,” each of whom are equipped with their own set of special abilities and boosts to use during the game. These traits include passive abilities, tactical abilities, and ultimate abilities.

Apex Legends has two permanent game modes: Battle Royale and Arenas.

Battle Royale consists of a 60 player lobby composed of trios or duos. Teams drop onto the map in a race to collect weapons and healing, while fighting to remain the last team standing. As time passes, the map shrinks, forcing teams to face one another.

Arenas consists of a head-to-head matchup between two teams. Each round begins with a Buy Phase, where each player has 30 seconds to use their allotted Materials and purchase any Legend-specific skills, Weapons, and Consumables. Once the Buy Phase ends, the round begins. Players can earn additional Materials by eliminating opponents and collecting Material Canisters. The winning team, or ‘Champions’ is awarded to the first to win three rounds with a two-round margin, or the winning team in the event of a 4-4 tie.

Apex Legends is rated T for Teen and available for free on all major platforms, excluding platform subscriptions. Apex Legends is a notably popular title for organized play and well-regarded for its diverse representation amongst the hero characters.

Respawn Entertainment began 2023 with news that all users can create private lobbies for custom matches, opening up the possibilities for tournament organizers using Apex Legends. Learn how to create a custom private match in Apex Legends below!

How to Create a Private Lobby in Apex Legends

  1. Launch Apex Legends

  2. Select the Game Mode box located on the lower left corner

  3. From the Game Mode menu, select ‘Private Match’ at the top of the screen

  4. Select ‘Create Match’

  5. Use the Settings menu to customize your private match.
    Choose which Game Mode, Maps, and Game Options you want enabled.
  6. Copy the Join Code listed on the top right-hand corner and send to your players
    Note: You need a minimum of 30 players in the lobby to be able to host a private match.
  7. Once everyone has queued and been assigned to their teams, press ‘Start Match’ to begin the game!

3 Tips for Running an Apex Legends Tournament

  1. Refer to the Electronic Arts Community Tournament Guidelines.
    First and foremost, you want to make sure any event you are planning is created within EA’s guidelines to avoid any cause for concern. Visit EA’s website for a complete list of their rules to follow.

  2. Decide on the right tournament design for your community.
    You can create a private match in Apex Legends and host a Battle Royale leaderboard, or create a swiss tournament using Arenas leading into a playoff event. Consider how much flexibility your teams may need to participate in matches, and your availability to host private matches.

  3. Establish your tournament tools.
    After designing your Apex Legends tournament, you need to set up the necessary tools to invite and manage teams. This includes organizing match schedules, distributing Join Codes, and keeping match results accurate as quickly and seamlessly as possible!

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Written by Sam Anton
Published on January 26, 2023