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Release Notes - May 25th, 2023

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May 25, 2023

Hey there everyone!

We’re nearing the end of May. The weather is getting hotter in the northern hemisphere. With this, LeagueSpot updates are also getting a little bit hotter.

Here’s what we have in store with this most recent release:

  • Users viewing stage settings on season pages

  • Adding team or organization matches to your calendar

  • Hosts+ can now delete league-approved games

  • Updated font typograph

May 25th, 2023 Release

NEW: All users can now view and edit stage settings on season pages

Historically, stage settings were only known to TOs once a stage had begun. We have now made them open so that anybody can view them.

A highly requested feature, season operators and above can now edit a handful of settings that were previously locked when a stage started. This is great for competitions that are always evolving and changing week-to-week.

NEW: Added the ability to add teams and/or organization matches to your calendar

Another highly requested feature, everyone can now add your match schedule to your Outlook, Google, or Apple or other calendars. This will help players, coaches, managers, and even friends and family keep up to date with match times.

NEW: Hosts+ now have the ability to delete league-approved games

We’ve added the feature for hosts and above the ability to delete previously unremovable league-approved games. This is perfect for games that have yearly releases, such as sports titles, or when a league wants to remove support for certain titles. Or the off-chance you might approve the wrong game!

NEW: We’ve updated all the fonts on our platform

You’ll notice the next time you log onto the platform, some of our fonts and images look a little different! Take a look around and see what all has changed.

Additional Updates:

  • We’ve added an automated player profile and game stats pipeline. This is only a data change for the moment, but it is the first step toward accumulating player stats on their profiles. We want you to use LeagueSpot as your home for gaming, and want to show your LeagueSpot and gaming history on your profile so you can show off to your friends!

  • We’ve updated the login page with a username hint. It has been a while since we switched from logging in with email to username, so we cleaned up some of the notes on the login form to reduce noise.

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That is all for this release! Your recommendations and feedback is important to us – join our LeagueSpot Discord server, connect with the team, and leave a message behind in our Features Forum with what you’d like to see next on the platform.

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Portrait of Amanda DeMizio
Written by Amanda DeMizio
Published on May 25, 2023