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Release Notes - March 23, 2023

March 23, 2023
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Hi everyone,

Happy spring! We’ve been tending to our garden of upcoming features, tools and enhancements and are excited to share this latest update with everyone. This week, we’re addressing a long-time request from our league hosts, the latest game title added for direct account linking, and a handful of platform updates to make your league hub look great and run even better.

If you have any questions or want to share a feature request, be sure to join our LeagueSpot Discord Server and connect with our team!

Inside this release:

  1. League-enabled Identity Verification for Participation

  2. Administrative Review Tool for Identity Verification

  3. Enhanced User Experience for Profile Completion Status

  4. Direct Account Linking for

  5. Immediate Account Access for New Users

  6. FIX: We addressed a few page width bugs on mobile devices

  7. FIX: We updated the visuals for our navigation dropdown (≡) menu, giving it a cleaner look.

March 23, 2023 Release Notes

1. League-enabled Identity Verification for Participation

Upon frequent request, our first update in today’s release allows hosts to enable and streamline image submissions as needed for user verification.

Now, on top of being able to set email allow lists for user sign-ups, hosts can also enable Identity Verification to their league, where hosts define their acceptable ID criteria for image uploads and gain access to the administrative review tool.

With this update, hosts don’t need to create a separate submission form under a different website and risk private information getting into the wrong hands.

2. Administrative Review Tool for Identity Verification

With the release of Identity Verification for leagues, we’ve also included an administrative review tool that allows hosts to securely, concisely and quickly evaluate submissions and update user eligibility.

From submission to review, we’ve streamlined the process and tools you need to complete Identity Verification to scale.

3. Enhanced User Experience for Profile Completion Status

At LeagueSpot, we make sure to go the extra mile to ensure hosts and their users feel supported at every point. Our latest enhancement to the user experience tells your players exactly what steps they need to take in order to complete their profile and ready up for game day.

Upon log-in, users will see a persistent dropdown from their league header with a list of remaining steps required that will prevent them from being able to participate in a league event.

For hosts enabling identity verification, requiring direct account linking to game platforms, or organizing multiple events at the same time, this update lets your user know what’s left to do tailored to their individual competition and profile status.

4. Direct Account Linking for joins our lineup of game platforms with direct account linking available on LeagueSpot.

We prioritize enabling direct account linking for game platforms whenever possible because it:

  • Allows organizers to protect their competition integrity by ensuring players own their accounts and team rosters are accurate

  • Allows users to provide their necessary in-game information, free of avoidable errors like typos

  • Allows us to enhance our season management features and tools, such as match links, League of Legends Automated Score Reporting and our Fortnite Scoring Tool

Accounts Available for Direct Linking on LeagueSpot


  • (NEW)

  • Discord

  • Epic Games ID

  • Riot ID / LoL Summoner Name

  • Twitch

This latest update allows leagues to have confidence assigned matches are set-up without any errors, and eliminating the need to manually review team rosters.

5. Immediate User Account Log-in upon League Sign Up

We’ve refreshed our user sign-up experience to eliminate any annoyances and smoothing out the profile set-up and season enrollment process.

Previously, users would have to complete their email verification before they’re able to log-in and access their LeagueSpot profile. With this update, when new users sign-up, they will immediately be logged into their league and will be able to log-in while their email is still unverified.

This sign-up refresh allows new users to complete additional steps that are important for preparing for a season enrollment or match day:

  • Link their Discord Account to their profile

  • Link and add their game handles to their profile

Users will still be required to verify their email in order to join teams, enroll into seasons or use in-platform chat. This update gives organizers confidence their users can complete their sign-up from league registration to season enrollment with clarity and brevity.

Additional Fixes:
  • We addressed a few page width bugs on mobile devices

  • We updated the visuals for our navigation dropdown (≡) menu, giving it a cleaner look.

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Written by Sam Anton
Published on March 23, 2023