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Release Notes - March 10, 2023

March 10, 2023

Hi everyone,

In today’s release notes, we share a few updates that unlock more options with tournaments, allow hosts to manage Discord status preferences for their league, and resolve a few issues to ensure you have a great experience!

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March 10, 2023 Release Notes

1. Added ability to add numeric game ranks, unlocking Chess Elo on user profiles

Chess joins the ranks with Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch in another LeagueSpot update – users can now list their Chess Elo on their profile!

Users can manage their Game Ranks by visiting their User Profile settings:

  • Log into your LeagueSpot profile by visiting your league’s home page

  • Select your profile name in the navigation bar

  • Under Game Ranks, select “Add New Rank”

  • For leagues hosting Chess events, players will be able to add their numeric rank for their Chess Elo!

Adding numerical game ranks naturally leads us to our next important update…

2. Built support for Chess 4v4 matchups using listed Chess Elo ranks

Not only can your players list their Chess Elo directly onto their profile, but you can now use these ranks to determine the most appropriate and competitive matchups with these ranks.

Hosts can also require listed ranks, like Chess Elo, as a requirement for joining a season, taking the manual work out of organizing player eligibility for competitions!

3. Enabled hosts to disable Discord Status for all matches in their league

LeagueSpot users can verify their Discord accounts from their LeagueSpot profile and unlock additional access within their league server, including automatic competition Discord statuses during match time.

Hosts can now choose to disable Discord competing status for all users by accessing their league settings. This will override any user preferences and your users’ competing statuses will not appear in their Discord status bar.

Additional fixes:
  • We addressed an issue where the navigation menu would not close after a menu item was selected.

  • We resolved an issue where hosts and operators could not delete a match that had already populated results.

  • We fixed an issue regarding additional whitespaces that affected folks who forgot their username or password.

  • We refactored Team Standings (but everything functions the same!)

  • We issued a fix where chat messages would appear multiple times when loaded on multiple devices

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Written by Sam Anton
Published on March 10, 2023