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Release Notes – January 11, 2024

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January 11, 2024

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful new year. Here is a small, but important set of patch notes.

Introducing Tennis-Style Gameplay

We now support a style of team play where each player will play one of the opponent players and earn points for their team - just like tennis. Most game titles will not have this at the moment, so if you’re interested in using it for a title, ask us and we will add it quickly.

Additional Updates

  • Changed simplified check-in requirements to allow starting a match and reporting results between teams with partial rosters.

  • Cumulative points from a match are now being stored, and they are visible on the points breakdown popup when hovering a teams’ score in the rankings section.

  • Fixed a visual bug on the season creation screen.

  • Updated the color of the competition status and the score results to better align with our new UI patterns.

Connect with LeagueSpot

That is all for this release! Your recommendations and feedback is important to us – join our LeagueSpot Discord server, connect with the team, and leave a message behind in our Features Forum with what you’d like to see next on the platform.

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Portrait of Matt Lenz
Written by Matt Lenz
Published on January 11, 2024