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Product Spotlight - Chat

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August 31, 2022
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We will walk through LeagueSpot’s Chat function, and how it empowers hosts to make sure each player, coach, and manager has a safe and secure area to be able to get in contact with one another. We will also talk about the benefits of using chat directly on LeagueSpot instead of using a third party software or email chain to be able to schedule matches, select map or deck bans, and call a moderator built directly into chat.

Platform Chat is a feature built into LeagueSpot to allow communication between players, managers, and coaches to directly happen on the platform without having to use a third-party application. Also built into the chat function is the ability to call a moderator without leaving the match page.

LeagueSpot also has a tutorial video about the feature:

There are many benefits to using chat directly on your LeagueSpot instance.

  • Being able to directly interact with your opponent on the match page as a player.

  • Coach and managers can monitor all chat activity for whatever teams they are connected to.

  • Players, coaches, and managers can “Request a Mod” directly in the chat box to alert a league administrator of any questions or concerns that may arise during the match.

  • A safe and secure environment for players of all ages to interact with moderation from league administrators, managers, and coaches.

For players, the experience is seamless. The match page is a one stop shop for check in, contacting your opponent, and in some cases: Deck, map, and character bans, depending on the game you are playing. For some competitions that require a custom lobby code or password, that information can be given and received via chat. And in the case a league administrator is passing out a custom lobby code, you’ll be able to receive that information securely through the chat box so you can know only other players in that competition will be in the lobby.

Without the need for an external platform, players can talk in confidence that they are safe and secure by only talking to their opponent, their manager, and the league administrator(s). This is highly effective for leagues that may have under 13 year old players, as they are restricted to what external third-party applications they can use.

Chat is simple and easy to use. It is built into every match page and is accessible by only those who are able to use that match page, so players, coaches, managers, and league administrators.

Chat is also safe and secure, meaning you can have confidence that players are only communicating with the people they need to be communicating with. This allows youth players to be able to experience esports without having to put themselves in danger talking to people online.

You can also be sure a league administrator will be able to see what is said in chat. This allows for easy communication and resolution with any issues that may pop up during game night.

Chat is a standard feature in all LeagueSpot platforms. If you’d like to bring Chat to your league, sign up for a demo at LINK

Portrait of Amanda DeMizio
Written by Amanda DeMizio
Published on August 31, 2022