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NASEF x LeagueSpot Partnership

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September 19, 2020
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In an industry that is growing and evolving at the speed of light, building a strong foundation and infrastructure for learning, scholastic pipelines, and student opportunities has become paramount to us. Just about every esports stakeholder who is sitting around the table is rightfully strategizing on how they can best activate within esports, and we think the best place for LeagueSpot is to help provide a connective tissue for the whole industry, helping bake a bigger pie for everyone.

On that note, I’m immensely grateful and excited to have announced our partnership with NASEF last week, our first step in supporting the educational backbone and driving force of this young industry. NASEF is a federation that supports almost 1,000 high schools nationwide (and many more organizations internationally) – providing learning, coaching, collegiate pipeline opportunities, and inclusive and meaningful competition to all who wish to join. Best of all, they provide all of those services for free.

How We Are Helping

NASEF, as an organization, is focused on building an educational environment for students, rich with opportunities to advance learning beyond high school. After amassing a large group of member high schools, they found that demand for a free high school esports competitive experience was immense – and they mobilized to meet that demand.

Quickly growing to over 900 schools, NASEF looked to add a platform partner that could meet their competitive program needs, and who also shared their overall philosophy of service to youth. That’s when they turned to LeagueSpot.

Our team immediately sprung into action, providing a white-label experience for NASEF and all of their affiliate organizations, a highly flexible tech platform that supports their 900 member schools, souped up data-security and privacy controls to help product the student records of their diverse student base, and a deep API integration of their existing organizational platform – creating a seamless experience for all coaches, students, and administrators involved in the process.

We will be assisting NASEF in rolling out their Fall 2020 league and beyond, and use the feedback we receive from schools and students to help create the best high school esports experience around: entirely for free for all students involved.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to connect on LinkedIn or reach out at if you want to learn more about the NASEF partnership, or want to discuss #esportsedu in general.

– Abarn

Portrait of Andrew Barnett
Written by Andrew Barnett
Published on September 19, 2020