Release Notes – September 29, 2020 | LeagueSpot

Release Notes – September 29, 2020

Portrait of Brandon Barnett
September 29, 2020

This past week has been all about prioritizing the League Host user experience, making it easier for new Hosts to create and set up a new League with custom branding and content.

  • Added intuitive UI content and controls to improve the setup experience after creating a new league
  • Allowing league hosts to create either a Club (teams only) or Association (organizations and teams) league
  • Separating groups in season standings and allowing entire group reschedules
  • Fixed issue where the season participant count was being cached in stage settings and would cut off some participants when starting an All Season Participants stage
  • Fixed issue where trying to add a player from a team’s detail page always returned an empty list
  • Updated league settings UI to not reload the page and lose the user’s place on save
Portrait of Brandon Barnett
Written by Brandon Barnett
Published on September 29, 2020