Release Notes – October 27, 2020 | LeagueSpot

Release Notes – October 27, 2020

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October 27, 2020

We have been talking with Discord for a few months and they have allowed us the opportunity to post LeagueSpot competition status directly to Discord so that all of our competitors’ friends can see when they’re currently participating in a match. We think this is a super exciting feature because it makes someone’s participation in competition feel much more official, and hopefully it is highly engaging with their friends. We’d love to see more discussions start with “hey I saw you were competing the other day…”

That feature and more in today’s release:

  • Showing competing status in Discord when match is in progress
  • Added Twitch account linking
  • Now allowing custom league navigation links to be private, visible only to league members
  • Made LeagueSpot bot public so anyone can add it to Discord
  • Updating league creation codes to expire in 48 hours instead of 12
  • Adding process that continuously refreshes Discord access tokens to enable Rich Presence
  • Fixed bug where league hosts couldn’t initiate reschedule requests with the LeagueSpot bot
  • Fixed bug where the count of season participants mismatched the actual list count if a team was marked as not participating
  • Fixed bug where email reminders could error and not send
Portrait of Brandon Barnett
Written by Brandon Barnett
Published on October 27, 2020