Release Notes – October 21, 2020 | LeagueSpot

Release Notes – October 21, 2020

Portrait of Brandon Barnett
October 21, 2020

We are working to find ways to bring tools that our users are already using into LeagueSpot to drive a frictionless experience. Our two initial targets here have been Discord and Twitch – we want to work with the best and let them do what they’re good at, while also enabling you to interact more easily on our website and via our Discord bot.

  • Implemented embedded Twitch streams for certain leagues – this allows leagues to feature Twitch channels, which is particularly engaging in your weekly match nights
  • Added a Discord bar to surface any actions we require to link your Discord account – this helps ensure that more users have linked their accounts to make our bot functionality more rich
  • Fixed a bug where resetting a stage didn’t work when match results had been submitted
  • Fixed a bug where editing a stage made it look like the automatic timing was on the wrong week day
  • Upgraded tons of technical packages/libraries/dependencies
  • Fixed a memory leak issue within our logging framework
Portrait of Brandon Barnett
Written by Brandon Barnett
Published on October 21, 2020