Release Notes – October 13, 2020 | LeagueSpot

Release Notes – October 13, 2020

Portrait of Brandon Barnett
October 13, 2020

Now that a few of our large fall seasons have kicked off, we are running fast in terms of collecting feedback and implementing new security and quality of life features as a result. We believe that listening to our customers is crucial and appreciate that any feedback – critical or otherwise – is important to our mutual success. We seek not just to make LeagueSpot better every day, but to collectively work with you to improve the competitive esports experience.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • Now allowing users with multiple accounts to link their Discord account with all of them
  • Better error reporting on Discord link page – there have been some confusing errors thrown (which are now minimized), and it will be more obvious when something goes wrong
  • Avoiding issue where users with multiple accounts link Discord account ambiguously – this was due to the user being logged into our Platform app with one account and their League app with another
  • Better formatting of user’s name in page header
  • Bot responds with Swiss-aware content if !nextmatch is invoked and no next match is found
  • Fixed an issue where teams who drop out of a season were still showing up in the participants list
  • Optionally disable organization member invite buttons for leagues that are exclusively run programmatically
  • Added a dropdown filter on the league Seasons view to only show seasons for a specific game
  • Fixed rare race condition where two users could submit results for the same game at the same time and they would count as multiple games within a match
  • Added the Match ID to the bot’s !nextmatch response to make it easier to !reschedule
  • Created a prominent, new affiliates visual on the league detail page
  • Alphabetically ordering league affiliates
  • Truncating user names for privacy purposes in select leagues
Portrait of Brandon Barnett
Written by Brandon Barnett
Published on October 13, 2020