Release Notes – October 1, 2020 | LeagueSpot

Release Notes – October 1, 2020

Portrait of Brandon Barnett
October 1, 2020

Registration is underway in several leagues right now and we’re getting a lot of great feedback from all of you! This has been a great opportunity to stress test some of our new LeagueSpot features and make sure that the experience is ideal for all of our users – from league hosts to competitors. Here are a few new changes that are a direct result of the feedback we have received lately:

• Allowing leagues to set a custom term to use for their organizations (e.g., Branches, Schools, Organizations)
• Added a way for a league host to view invite links for organization members who have not yet accepted their invite
• Added a sign in link to the organization invite page when we detect that you are already a member of the league
• Created a league-wide, embeddable standings widget
• Created a proof of concept for manually prescheduled stages

Portrait of Brandon Barnett
Written by Brandon Barnett
Published on October 1, 2020