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November 24, 2021
League Spot FAQ

What do I do if my player's opponent doesn't show up?

Your event will have a predefined check-in window. If your player's opponent fails to show up during that window, your player will win by forfeit.

If your player is willing to reschedule, you can reach out to your opponent’s manager and see if they can find a time that works for both players.

While your player has every right to claim a forfeit win, playing the match is always preferred.

How do I locate another manager's contact information?

If you click on your opponent’s organization, the managers will be listed at the bottom. You can click on their profile to see their contact information.

Only managers and hosts can see other managers' contact.

Where can I find the match details page?

Where do I report player's scores?

What if my player forgot to grab screenshots of their in-game victory?

No problem! You can grab screenshots of their match history.

When can I check a player in?

A player can check in up to 15 minutes before their match starts.

Where do I go to change my profile information?

Can I enroll teams without any active players on them?

Yes you can and you can add players to a team whenever you want!

Just make sure you have players added to teams before they have to check in for a match. Teams won’t be able to check in unless the players are fully registered.

How do I enroll a team in a season?

What do I do if a player is saying offensive or inappropriate things to my player?

If this is happening during a match, screenshot or record the offensive and inappropriate behavior, and report it to your host as soon as you complete the match.

You can do this in match chat by clicking “Call a Moderator” button, or if you’d like to report privately, you can contact your host by clicking the “Contact” button on the sidebar and follow the contact instructions.

What is the command for rescheduling a match using the bot?

Rescheduling is done directly on your match page. Check out this handy video tutorial for a deeper dive on the process!

How do I join a match lobby chat?

What do I do if I can't check a player in?

If you can’t check a player in for whatever reason, have them jump into match chat and “Call a Moderator” to explain the situation. That way, there’s a record of their presence in match chat, which can be a substitute for a check-in if there’s an issue.

What do I do if I can't report scores for a match?

Take these steps to troubleshoot on your end:

  • Make sure you’re logged in
  • Check if your opponent successfully checked in.

If the opponent has not checked in:

  • Ask them to check in through match chat OR
  • “Request a Moderator” and have your TO check them in for you.

If you still can’t report scores for whatever reason:

  • State the final score in match chat and have your opponent confirm.
  • Finally, “Call a Moderator” so they’re aware of the situation. They’ll either report the score themselves or ask you to report the score officially at a later time.

How do I determine who is hosting a match?

Usually the team on the left hand side is considered the ‘home’ team, and they are usually responsible for hosting the first game in the series.

What does the link to the match details page look like?

A match details page looks like this: https://test.leaguespot.gg/matches/23c2d94-f9f7-48f3-a2b7-4eae67827e55

“Test” will be the name of your league, such as suny.leaguespot.gg or ymca.leaguespot.gg

What does the abbreviation "BM" mean?

“BM” stands for “Bad Manners”. BM is a violation of LeagueSpot’s Code of Conduct and should be reported to your event host.

Where can I find the list of managers for an organization?

If you click on the organization link and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find a list of managers. Click on their name to get their contact information.

How do I find someone on Discord?

What actions are considered bad mannered?

BM implies disrespectful or mean behavior in a game, such as excessive taunting, standing over a player and crouching repeatedly, AKA teabagging, or rude and offensive statements over text or voice chat.

How do I forfeit one of my player's matches?

If you need to forfeit one of your players’ matches, simply click “Forfeit” in the match details page. They will be automatically forfeit and the other player will be notified.

If possible, try to reach out to your opponents’ managers to try to reschedule.


Got a question that wasn't answered in this FAQ? Reach out to us at support@leaguespot.gg

Portrait of Amanda DeMizio
Written by Amanda DeMizio
Published on November 24, 2021