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LeagueSpot Features - League of Legends Automated Score Reporting

October 13, 2022
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League of Legends scores, instantly!

We are very excited to announce that League of Legends Automated Score Reporting is officially live on LeagueSpot!

Teams no longer have to worry about coordinating lobbies and reporting results. By using the provided Tournament Code, you can immediately join your next game lobby. Once the game is complete, scores will automatically appear on the League spot match page

How to Use Tournament Codes

Check out our brief video tutorial to prepare for your next League of Legends match on LeagueSpot:

Before the Match

  • Check into your match on LeagueSpot.

  • After both teams have checked in, the Tournament Code will appear underneath the match.

  • All players will need to use the Tournament Code displayed to enter the game lobby.

Beginning the Match

  • In the League of Legends game client, select Play.

  • Select the Trophy icon, located on the top right hand corner.

  • Paste the Tournament Code from the match page and join the game lobby.

  • Set players in their correct lobby placements.

  • Begin the game!

After the Match

  • Return to the match page on LeagueSpot; the match results will be displayed underneath the match.

  • If results are missing, they can be reprocessed by either team’s Manager, Coach or Team Captain.

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Written by Sam Anton
Published on October 13, 2022